If you have trouble areas of stubborn fat that won’t go away no matter how much you diet and exercise, the AquaShape™ procedure can help.

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Breast & Buttocks

AquaShape™ may be used to smooth out breast irregularities, augment breast and buttocks size, and enhance overall breast and buttocks contours.

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Face & Hands

Unlike traditional facelifts or synthetic fillers, AquaShape™ uses your own natural fat cells to restore youthful contours and reduce the signs of aging in the face and hands.

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become ageless
*Patient Results May Vary


*My body is shaped how I always dreamed.

Patient, Irvine, CA

*I’m extremely happy with the AquaShape procedure. Can’t say enough about how well it went and how satisfied I am.

Patient, Santa Monica, CA

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puck up were mother nature left off