AquaShape® is an advanced fat harvesting and fat transfer technique that can help smooth irregularities, lift and shape, improve contour and add volume to the breasts and/or buttocks. The AquaShape® procedure uses the body-jet® liposuction and fat transfer device to achieve outstanding, long lasting results, with less medical risk and minimal patient downtime.

How can AquaShape® help me?

Many people have stubborn areas of fat that won’t vanish, no matter how much they diet and exercise. Have you ever wanted to move some of that fat to areas where you’d like to see a little extra volume, like your breasts or buttocks? With the AquaShape® procedure you can. During the AquaShape® procedure your own natural fat cells are gently harvested from unwanted areas and then transferred into the breasts or buttocks in order to enhance shape and size. AquaShape® may be used to smooth out breast irregularities, augment breast and buttocks size, improve dimpling and visible edges around implants, and enhance overall breast and buttocks contours.

How does AquaShape® work?

The AquaShape® procedure uses the body-jet® liposuction and fat transfer device to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas of your body while improving body contouring. Once the fat is removed it is then re-injected in strategic areas to enhance volume and shape in the breasts and/or buttocks.

How is AquaShape® different from artificial implants?

With AquaShape® you are using your own natural fat to enhance your breasts and/or buttocks instead of artificial implants. AquaShape® fat injections can give breasts and buttocks a softer, smoother and more natural-looking appearance. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of outstanding body contouring in the donor areas through the AquaShape® by human med procedure.

Can I have the AquaShape® procedure if I already have implants?

Yes! Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their artificial implants after time. AquaShape® may be used to correct irregularities, improve dimpling, and smooth out visible edges around implants.

What kind of results can I expect with AquaShape®?

Individual results will depend on many factors, including the amount of fat available from donor sites and the amount of increased breast and buttocks volume desired. Your AquaShape® doctor will discuss your expectations and individual circumstances with you before your procedure.

How long until I can return to my normal activities after AquaShape®?

Individual recovery depends on many factors, including how much fat is removed and which body parts are treated. In most cases, patient downtime is minimal, and many patients may return to normal activities the same day. You should discuss with your physician what to expect in your situation.

Who can I talk to about AquaShape® procedure?

To find out if AquaShape® is right for you, you should make an appointment for a personal consultation with an experienced physician who can answer your questions about AquaShape®. To locate a AquaShape® physician in your area, click here.

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