A Look at Different Liposuction Techniques


If you have dieted and exercised diligently and still have areas of fat that just won’t go away, then liposuction could be the answer. With liposuction, a plastic surgeon will remove those stubborn fat cells to give you the slim, svelte physique you want. There are a variety of different types of liposuction available. Consider these facts about some of the most common liposuction procedures to see which one might be the best fit for you. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) One thing every version of liposuction needs is a method to dislodge the fat cells and fatty deposits underneath the skin. With PAL, an electric motor is attached to a cannula that goes under the skin. The motor causes the cannula to spin rapidly or to move back and forth with force. These motions move the fat cells, which are then extracted via the cannula. Tumescent Liposuction With tumescent liposuction, large quantities of local anesthesia are injected in the target areas through the cannula. Once the areas are numb, the cannula is forced in and out to shift the fat. Tumescent liposuction can be performed without general anesthesia, which makes it less risky than other methods. However, this kind of liposuction is associated with post-procedure bruising and swelling from the liquid used and the force of the cannula. The swelling from tumescent liposuction can last weeks, or even longer. Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction (AquaShape®) Water-jet assisted liposuction—or AquaShape®—is a very gentle procedure. Water is used to move fat cells, so there is no force or electricity involved. This kind of liposuction is so easy on patients that most people return to normal activities the same day. With AquaShape®, the fat harvested during liposuction can be purified and turned into fat transfer injections in a single procedure. AquaShape® is a complete body contouring experience that allows you to slim some areas while increasing your curves in other parts of your body. Could AquaShape® liposuction and fat transfer be the answer you’ve been looking for? Find an AquaShape™ physician in your area and make an appointment for a consultation today to learn more about this procedure. More from AquaShape: power assisted liposuction, water jet assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, a look at different liposuction techniques, liposuction techniques

Answers to Your AquaShape FAQs


If you have stubborn fat that just won’t respond to diet and exercise, chances are that you’ve investigated your options for liposuction. AquaShape® is an innovate new type of liposuction that delivers amazing results without the risk of general anesthesia. As an added benefit, the fat harvested using AquaShape® can be transferred to other parts of your body where you may want more curves or to smooth out wrinkles. If you’re considering AquaShape® for lipo and fat transfer, here are the answers to some questions you may have. What Makes AquaShape® Different? The AquaShape® difference is in the fat harvesting method. Traditional liposuction relies on either electrical currents or repeated force from a cannula to dislodge fat cells and remove them from the body. AquaShape® uses jets of water to dislodge fat. This gentle removal method is far less traumatic for patients and also leaves fat cells being harvested for transfer in better condition. How Long is the AquaShape® Procedure? The length of the procedure depends on the areas being treated and how much fat you are having removed. If you’re having fat transfer in addition to AquaShape®, the procedure time will be longer. However, since AquaShape® requires only local anesthesia and is performed on an outpatient basis, the procedure is quicker than other forms of liposuction. The recovery time is also much faster. Many people return to normal activities right after AquaShape®. Why Should I Choose AquaShape® In addition to quick recovery times and easy fast harvesting, AquaShape® offers a huge reduction in the risk level of liposuction. Traditional liposuction with general anesthesia is a major surgery, and complications associated with the anesthesia are possible. These risks are greatly reduced with the use of local anesthesia. Is AquaShape® the right liposuction to get you the body you want? Find a physician in your area who performs AquaShape® and set up a consultation today. More from AquaShape: aquashape FAQs, AquaShape

Why You Don’t Have to Undergo Invasive Surgery to Augment Your Body Contours


Do you wish your curves were a little more dramatic? Maybe you feel like you’ve lost some of your shapeliness over the years, thanks to pregnancy and the march of time. Many people wish that they could change something about their bodies but are afraid to make the leap because the idea of invasive surgery is too off-putting. Now, you can get the body contours you want without general anesthesia or lengthy recoveries thanks to the revolutionary AquaShape® liposuction procedure. Read on to learn how AquaShape® can change your body. Water-Jet-Based Liposuction AquaShape® delivers the same results as traditional liposuction, but with a difference. AquaShape® uses a water-jet to gently dislodge fat cells and then removes them via a small tube. Other methods of liposuction rely on force or electrical currents to remove fat, both of which are far harsher on patients. Water-jet-based liposuction is so gentle that only local anesthesia is required for the procedure. There is very little downtime with this kind of liposuction, as compared to other types, which can involve a week or more of recovery time. AquaShape® Results Although AquaShape® is gentler than other types of liposuction, you won’t sacrifice any of the great results. You can get the same slimming and firming results with AquaShape® as you would with other procedures. AquaShape® does more than help you get rid of stubborn fat deposits. The fat harvested during the procedure can be re-injected into other areas of the body to boost your curves. For example, fat can be injected into the breasts and buttocks for a natural alternative to implants or placed in the face or hands to plump skin and reduce wrinkles. If you’re ready to get the body you’ve always wanted without the risks of invasive surgery, AquaShape® is the choice for you. Schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area who performs this procedure and discover how it can change your life for the better. More from AquaShape: water-jet-based liposuction, Liposuction, AquaShape

What to Expect Before Undergoing Your AquaShape® Procedure


AquaShape® liposuction and fat transfer is an amazing way to beat fat that hasn’t responded to diet, get the curves you want without the risk of implants, and reduce your wrinkles without artificial dermal fillers. If you have an AquaShape® procedure scheduled, you are probably wondering what you should expect. Consultation Your AquaShape® surgeon will take a thorough medical history before performing the procedure. They’ll want to know about your general health and the medications you’re taking to ensure that AquaShape® is right for you. They may recommend that you stop taking certain medications in the run-up to your procedure, particularly blood thinners and certain vitamins. Your surgeon will also want to know about your history of weight fluctuations, diet, and exercise. Like all types of liposuction, AquaShape® is most effective when your weight is in a normal range and has been stable for a period of time. Large weight fluctuations can diminish the results of AquaShape®. Treatment Plan and Goals AquaShape® is an extremely versatile treatment. It can be used to remove fat from almost anywhere on your body. The harvested fat can then be re-injected wherever you want more contour or plumping. Your plastic surgeon will work with you to decide which area to target with liposuction and which areas to target with fat transfer injections. They will also discuss realistic treatment goals so you know exactly what to expect from the procedure. Pre-Procedure Fasting AquaShape® is performed under local anesthesia, so the pre-procedure preparation is not nearly as intense as some other forms of liposuction. Still, your surgeon may ask you to abstain from food and drink for a period of time before your surgery. Be sure to follow their advice to the letter, or your procedure could be delayed. Tapping into the power of AquaShape® liposuction and fat transfer can help you achieve the body you have always wanted. Set up an appointment with a physician in your area today to discover how AquaShape® can help you. More from AquaShape: AquaShape, fat transfer, what to expect with aquashape

Fat Transfer Injections, Types of Body Fat, and More


Would you love to have the results of liposuction, but are scared by the idea of going under general anesthesia? Help is at hand with AquaShape™. Click these links to learn about liposuction and some of the benefits of AquaShape™. Did you know that your fat cells are essential for energy metabolism? Get the facts regarding the function of fat in the body by reading this WebMD.com article. How does the aging process affect your face? Check out this article from the National Institutes of Health for more information on age-related facial changes. Did you know that you can use your own natural fat tissue to augment your face? This article from TheSuzanneShow.TV discusses the use of AquaShape® for fat transfer injections over dermal fillers. The location of certain types of body fat may increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. Make sure you understand the health risks of certain types of body fat with this link from ScienceDaily.com. Explore this link from MyBodyJet.com to learn all about the benefits of choosing AquaShape® by human med. To find out if AquaShape™ is right for you, contact a surgeon in your area. You may be surprised to learn how gentle liposuction can be with this water-based technique. More from AquaShape: age-related facial changes, energy metabolism, types of body fat, fat transfer

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