Heart Health, How Fat Functions In Your Body, and More


Excess body fat does not have to be part of your life. Check out these great links from around the web for more information on the advantages of AquaShape, the dangers of excess belly fat, and the way fat cells function within your body. Did you know that excess belly fat can increase your chances of stroke and diabetes? Explore this WebMD.com link for more information on the health concerns associated with belly fat. How does belly fat impact your heart health? Find out with this article from USNews.com. AquaShape® water-jet assisted liposuction offers a number of benefits over traditional liposuction methods. Read through this article from The Aesthetic Guide Magazine for more information on the uses and benefits of AquaShape®. Certain fat cells play important roles in your body. Check out this link from HowStuffWorks.com for more information on how fat functions in your body. Learn more about how fat functions in your body with this article from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Visit AquaShape® online to find a physician near you. More from AquaShape: functions of fat, excess belly fat, how fat functions in your body, heart health

How AquaShape Can Reverse the Aging Process


AquaShape® by human med is a minimally-invasive, water-jet assisted liposuction procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from various areas of the body. The fat removed during AquaShape® procedures can be used as a natural alternative to dermal fillers, augmenting nearly any area on the face or body. Keep reading to learn how AquaShape® technology can help reverse the various physical signs of aging when performed alone or in conjunction with fat grafting: Body Poor eating habits, decreased exercise, and significant fluctuations in weight can all lead to unsightly fat deposits all over the body. Individuals who are struggling with excess fat along their abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks can benefit from AquaShape® water-jet assisted liposuction. In some cases, the fat removed from one of these areas may also be used to perform natural buttocks augmentation. Face As you age, the skin along your face loses elasticity and collagen, decreasing its ability to bounce back and resulting in wrinkle production. When combined with volume reduction, this lack of elasticity can also result in shallow or hollow facial contours along the cheeks and jaw. AquaShape® is a great option for individuals suffering from these age-related issues, as it adds volume to shallow facial contours using one’s own natural fat tissue. Hands Your hands are more important to your overall appearance than you think. Just like your face, your hands suffer volume loss as you grow older, making them appear sallow or bony. AquaShape® can help revitalize your hands using fat transfer injections, ultimately giving you more supple-looking hands. Breasts Many women experience age-related changes to their breast tissue, including loss of volume and sagging. AquaShape® can be used to perform natural breast augmentation using fat removed from a donor area on your body. You don’t have to accept the effects of aging on your body. Whether you are interested in rejuvenating your face, hands, or other area on your body, AquaShape® may be the solution. Visit us online to locate a physician or learn more about the benefits of AquaShape® by human med. More from AquaShape: anti-aging, aging, slowing the aging process, aging process

What Are the Risks of Having Belly Fat?


Many people develop increased fat deposits along their midsection as they grow older, often the result of poor eating habits, decreased exercise, and fluctuations in weight. While excess belly fat can have a direct effect on your self-esteem, it can also increase your risk for a number of health complications. to learn more about the risks of leaving belly fat untreated: How Belly Fat Functions Most individuals think that fat tissue remains idle in one specific place. However, belly fat does not just remain along your midsection, but functions much like an active organ. For example, abdominal fat breaks down into fatty acids, which flow into your liver and muscle tissue. Once they reach the liver, these fatty acids can increase the production of triglycerides and LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. Additionally, these fatty acids make it harder for insulin to effectively control your body’s use of glucose, increasing the chances of fat build-up within the bloodstream. Health Risks By increasing your levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, belly fat can ultimately increase your risk of many health conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stoke. Furthermore, the effects of belly fat on insulin production can also increase one’s risk for diabetes. If you can’t remove fat through diet or exercise, you might consider surgical removal. Steps You Can Take Proper diet and routine exercise are great ways to reduce your weight and manage belly fat. When these methods are not enough to help reduce belly fat, it may be time to consider AquaShape® as an alternative. This minimally-invasive, water-assisted liposuction procedure can be used to permanently remove fat cells without the need for traumatic surgery or significant downtime. If you are struggling with belly fat, AquaShape® by human med may be the perfect solution. Ask your plastic surgeon if the procedure is right for you or visit AquaShape® online for more information. AquaShape® can also be used in conjunction with fat transfer procedures for natural breast augmentation and breast reconstruction More from AquaShape: dangers of belly fat, belly fat, risks of belly fat

The Advantages of Using AquaShape for A Younger Looking Face


Many men and women turn to plastic surgery to combat the signs of aging. While surgical procedures such as a face lift, neck lift, and brow lift can all help improve your appearance, some prefer a different approach to facial rejuvenation. AquaShape® offers patients with a new way to ward off the aging process. This article will take a look at the advantages of using AquaShape® for facial rejuvenation. Flexible Procedure AquaShape® by human med can be used to effectively treat areas of the face that have become less elastic due to decreased collagen production. This includes folds, wrinkles, and hollow areas along the cheeks, mouth, and around the eyes. No matter how many wrinkles you have on your face, AquaShape® can help make them disappear. After your first consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Natural Alternative Another major benefit of using AquaShape® for facial rejuvenation is that it uses your body’s own natural fat tissue rather than synthetic fillers or large implants. By removing fat deposits from another area of your body via liposuction, AquaShape® effectively provides a natural treatment option for facial aging while simultaneously helping to reduce fat deposits in problem areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and midsection. Minimally Invasive AquaShape® utilizes water-assisted liposuction to remove fat from a donor area before the fat is purified and re-injected into the face. This provides patients with a much less invasive option than traditional liposuction or other facial rejuvenation methods. For this reason, AquaShape® decreases surgical risks, postoperative pain, scarring, and the need for significant periods of downtime. AquaShape® makes it easy to restore lost volume, soften facial contours, and reduce other signs of aging. Furthermore, AquaShape® can be used to reduce the signs of aging in the hands, revitalize your body contours, and aid in natural breast augmentation. Learn more about this innovative fat grafting procedure by visiting AquaShape® online or by finding a physician near you. AquaShape® is performed all over the country, including California, Texas, and Florida. More from AquaShape: advantages of aquashape, AquaShape, using aquashape for the face, skin care

What is Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction with Body-Jet?

Liposuction has been used to remove localized fat deposits from problematic areas for many years. New advances in the field of medicine have led to the development of an outstanding liposuction procedure known as AquaShape® by human med. This video takes a closer look at what sets water-jet asisted liposuction with body-jet® apart from more conventional liposuction methods. Liposuction with body-jet®, also known as AquaShape® by human med, is a revolutionary water-jet assisted liposuction technique that gently removes fat away from the tissues without causing harm to the underlying nerves or blood vessels. Because fat is extracted in a much gentler way, water-jet assisted liposuction involves less bruising, swelling, and down-time. Learn more in this clip. Visit AquaShape® online for more information on the uses of water-jet assited liposuction with body-jet®. If you have any additional questions, find a physician in your area. More from AquaShape: body-jet, water-jet assisted liposuction, liposuction with body-jet, water-jet assisted liposuction with body-jet

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