AquaShape by BodyJet offers my patients an elegant removal of unwanted fat using water as a catalyst to gently separate fat cells. These cells are in small groups, ideal for grafting into areas such as the face, hands and buttocks. The constant bathing of the tissue with tumescent fluid offers reduced pain and bruising post operatively while maintaining a high quality long lasting adipose graft.

Barry DiBernardo, MD

Subcutaneous fat grafting has totally changed and enhanced my plastic surgery practice.  The AquaShape procedure by body-jet has made fat grafting simple,reproducible and reliable

C. Andrew Salzberg, MD

AquaShape by Body-Jet allows me to easily and precisely sculpt my patients.  Even fibrous fat in the breast, buffalo hump, or previously lipo’d areas is smoothly and comfortably removed.  I can sculpt more challenging areas such as the arms and lower legs.  Once I have removed the unwanted fat, I can transfer the clean, sterile, collected fat to desired areas and have superior retention compared to past techniques and technologies.  After over 2 years experience, I know that AquaShape by Body-Jet gives me reliable results and is great for my patients.

EM Zimmerman, MD

“What’s the splash all about with water liposuction?” Read MD Ditesheim blog

Jeffrey Ditesheim, MD

Aquashape: A revolutionary new gentle liposuction with real results, less downtime

Jeffrey Ditesheim, MD


* Patient Results May Vary

*After working out with a trainer for a year and still not able to get rid of the stomach bulge and love handles I took the leap and went to Athenix for AquaShape. I really did not want to be put to sleep for a surgery and they were able to give me that. With virtually no pain and super easy recovery I have the body I was not able to get with working out. A+++.

Patient, Irvine, CA

*I am so happy with my results, it was more than I expected, I look great and have more confidence than I have ever had, and will get to wear a bikini proud.

Patient, Glendale, CA

*The AquaShape procedure is great! I love my results and was able to go back to work the next day!

Patient, Plano, TX

*I can wear clothes that I want to without feeling that I look bad in them. The AquaShape procedure addressed my biggest problem area very well. Quick recovery. Easy.

Patient, Laguna Beach, CA

*I’m extremely happy with the AquaShape procedure. Can’t say enough about how well it went and how satisfied I am.

Patient, Santa Monica, CA

*It was definitely worth it. I don’t think all the exercise in the world could have pulled off what the AquaShape procedure did.

Patient, Newport Beach, CA

*The greatest thing about the AquaShape procedure is that the results last and they are more noticeable even 1 and a half years later. It is not like fillers that require constant maintenance, and that’s great.”

Patient, Plano, TX

*I was able to return to work right away.

Patient, Brentwood, CA

*The confidence I have is priceless!!!

Patient, Culver City, CA

*I have never liked my waist no matter how much weight I lost. It was always a matter of my love handles. It’s great to not feel them for the first time in 58 years.

Patient, Pasadena, CA

*I would recommend the AquaShape procedure to the world.

Patient, Orange, CA

*This was a procedure I had only dreamed about and had wanted to do for several years. When I heard it was possible with the AquaShape procedure, I was very excited. The down time was a key part in my decision making. I am extremely satisfied with the results.

Patient, Huntington Beach, CA

*Completely lost areas I could not remove with very hard workouts.

Patient, Los Angeles, CA

*My body is shaped how I always dreamed.

Patient, Irvine, CA
puck up were mother nature left off